Henric Hemmerlind
Voguerra hemsida.jpg



Director: Henric Hemmerlind Cinematography: Henric Hemmerlind & Gustav Bondesson Producer: Henric Hemmerlind Distributor: Nowness.com


One girl’s warrior moves go underground

Swedish director Henric Hemmerlind talks about his portrait of Moscow-based dancer Candy Lanvin:

“I met Candy during a dance festival in Stockholm, where we decided to go backstage and make a video. The film captures her voguing through the building's underground—what you see here are shots from three hours of improvisation. 

“The title is a combination of 'vogue' and 'guerra'—meaning war”

"The title is a combination of the words "vogue" and "guerra," the latter meaning war. Sometimes it feels like her dance is a violent battle to navigate the underground environment. Making a film with Candy showed me the value of an intuitive work process. It was instant gratification.”